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Leamax Enterprise Co., Ltd.
TEL : 886-2-8672-2518     FAX : 886-2-8672-3589
No.5 Lane 388,Sec. 1, Jieshou Road, San Hsia,New Taipei City 237,Taiwan(R.O.C)
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Leamax has been estabilshed since 1990. Our main products are PLCC sockets, SMT socket, PinHeader,Female Header, IC Socket, Box Header(1.27mm,2.0mm,2.54mm), Battery Holder, Power Jack, Ear Phone Jack and other connectors. With 20 factory workers, our production capacity is 1.5million pieces per month, This includeds mold-mode, plastic-mode, semi-auto assembly, and fully-auto assembly sockets.Our customers aredivided into two caterogies; one is computer, communication companies, and hardware appl... more

LEAMAX Welcome Connectors Interconnects electronic passive components, Header,Female header,wafer, Ic Socket, PLCC ,Box header, Battery Holder,... more

Interconnects > Connectors
Box headers(2)Coaxial connectors(15)D-Sub connectors(8)
Female headers(10)FPC/FFC connectors(7)PCB connectors(11)
Pin headers(1)Power connectors(12)RCA connectors(21)
USB connectors(20)
Interconnects > Plugs, Jacks & Sockets
Connector terminals(39)IC sockets(5)
Modular plugs(1)Phone jacks(29)
Interconnects > Wire,Cables & Assemblies
Flat cables(6)
Jumper wire(2)

Trade Winners Net Marketing Co., Ltd. 大贏家國際行銷廣告有限公司
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